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Upcoming Calendar Events:

January 15 - Martin Luther King's Birthday - NO SCHOOL
January 16 - Parent Advisory Meeting
January 18 - Band-O-Rama 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
January 24 - Incoming Freshman Orientation 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
January 31 - Incoming Freshman Registration 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Social Science: On November 17, 2017, fourteen Maine East Social Science students participated in the Maine Township Government Day. They were joined by their peers from Maine West and Maine South.  This was a great lesson in civic participation in the Maine community.  Students learned about the various programs offered by Maine Township to its residents and many students started to plan for their volunteer work in the community.  

Top Row L-R: Lav Patel, Isabella Principe, Irini Mathioudis, Aleksandra Dimitrijevic, Maleeha Farzansyed, Luis Martinez-Correa, Annette Mikolajczyk, Olga Grzebyk  
Bottom Row L-R: Taylor Gammel. Sarah Choi, Katarzyna Klimek, Saarah Junaid, Navitha Soney, Alisa Biju


On Thursday, December 14, Maine East Dance classes performed in a holiday showcase for students, parents, and staff. Those who attended the performance, were very impressed with the energy and commitment of the students, as well as Ms. Jacqui Andrekus, who was the long-term sub for Mrs. Greiwe 1st semester.

Junior Leader Host Santa's Workshop:
Santa and his elf (Luke the Help Dog) came to Maine East on 12/13.  Our students/staff had a chance to purchase hot chocolate and get a picture with Santa. Proceeds from the fundraiser are going to the Junior Leader PE program.  Many junior leaders helped create the festive atmosphere, and some departments came down to the cafe to give Santa their wish list for the Holidays!  Special thanks go out to Mr. Tsagalis for being Santa and to Mrs. Bonifazi for her decorative touch.  

Youth Development: On Tuesday December 12th, 30 students joined in the after school youth development activity of making and decorating holiday jars containing cookie or cocoa ingredients. The project was so much fun, Kara Kulak’s art class joined in the fun on Wednesday making jars to give as gifts for the parents and teachers!

Deans Corner:
Parents and students, some sound guidelines from the Dean's Office when navigating the world of social media:

Parents, some helpful hints from the Attendance Office to help you and your student avoid any unnecessary confusion and delays when dealing with absences.  

To Contact the Attendance Office (847) 692-8321:

•  Open each school day from 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 a.m.
•  Answering system available all night and other hours the office is not open.
•  For message, clearly state student's name, ID number, reason for absence, date of absence, and caller's identity.

To Authorize an Absence
Absences can only be authorized if:
1.  Call is received from parent/guardian registered with school.
2.  Call is received within time allotted (by 2:00 p.m the day following the absence).
To Authorize Early Departure from School
•  Parent/Guardian contacts Attendance Office as early as possible on that day or the day before
•  Student reports to Attendance Office upon arriving to school to pick-up a pass for release from school.

Jeff Parlette
Dean of Students


College Planning Night
When: February 6th - 6:00 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.
Where: Maine East Room 230
Who: Grades 9, 10, and 11

District 207 Financial Aid Night
When: March 8th - 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Where: Maine East Auditorium
Who: All grade levels

Monday, December 4, 2017


Upcoming Calendar Events:

December 8 - Guitar Concert 7:00 PM-9:00 PM
December 20-22 - Semester Finals
December 23-January 8 - Winter Break - NO SCHOOL
January 9 - School Resumes after Winter Break

District 207's Best for Fine Arts - Helaine Ilacio

Described by one teacher as a “Renaissance Woman”, Helaine plans to combine her passion for the visual arts with her family’s legacy in the healing arts, by pursuing studies to become an art therapist. With her positive outlook on life and her demonstrated work ethic, she is well situated for future success.

On behalf of Maine East, we are happy to recognize Helaine Ilacio as one of “207’s Best”!

​Message from R-Code Team


As we get close to the end of the first semester, we would like to share some of the R-Code statistics we have so far for the 2017-2018 school year.

Student of the Month

This fall, our staff has recognized more than 150 students as Students of the Month.  While not every nominee makes it to our photo shoot, many do and we usually try to get them to have some fun.  Below are the pictures from August, September (taken on Wacky Wednesday) and October.




Demon Dollars
As of today, over 1500 Demon Dollars have been used in exchange for more than 600 freeze pops, 300 mini chocolate bars, 200 lollipops, and various raffle prizes.  

Students can now use their Demon Dollars to purchase a pop-socket for their phone as well.  If you have any ideas for incentives (or would like to donate a prize), please let us know!

And lastly, 

Chance to Give Thanks
The "Chance to Give Thanks" campaign generated more than 600 thank you notes to faculty and staff, including a special thank you that we wanted to be sure everyone gets to see.

World Languages: Each year, the World Languages Department has its Honorary Societies Induction which acknowledges its top performing students! In addition, Maine East students that study more than one language  are inducted into Phi Lambda Kappa. This celebration is unique to Maine East and we are VERY proud of our students! Please see the Foreign Language Honorary Society Program 2017 for student names, and additional information about the individual language societies.

English: Seven Maine East students earned very high scores in the WordWright Challenge, a national literary analysis competition.  In the October competition, more than 65,000 high school students from 48 states tested themselves with challenging literary texts and subtle comprehension questions.  Within this pool, freshmen Hiba Samad and Cecylia Selwocki each made just one mistake, placing in the top 34 ninth graders in the country!  Other high scorers include freshman Arianeth Cespedes-Sandovar (who placed in the 127 highest-scoring 9th graders nationwide); sophomores Elly Guzman and Emilio Kehm (within the top 145 sophomores); junior Parth Patel (within the top 109 juniors); and senior Ashley Abraham (within the top 121 seniors).  Congratulations to all these students, as well as their current English teachers: Don Miller, Kate Lee-Chin, and Maria Garvy.  Bravo!!  The success of these students speaks to the strong teaching of reading and literature happening at Maine East!  We are looking forward to our next competitions in the winter and spring.

Fine Arts: Freshmen Bella and Nicole Piekut went undefeated in the preliminary rounds at the prestigious Glenbrooks Novice Debate Tournament November 18-20.  They won their semi-finals Debate, and then completed the tournament winning the Finals Round and taking First Place-Novice.  Additionally, Bella Piekut was awarded 3rd place novice speaker, and Nicole Piekut was awarded 1st place novice speaker. The novice division consisted of the top first year debaters from over 10 states.

L-R Bella and Nicole Piekut

Six senior Art students (Parisah AbestehTrinidad DiazStephanie HernandezHiba HussainHelaine Ilacio, and Armina Tolentinorecently completed a series of 2-week internships in Art Therapy with the Expressions program at Lutheran General Older Adult Services. The students were placed in teams of 2, and worked directly with adults with early-onset dementia each afternoon during their scheduled art class for two weeks. Under the supervision of Art Therapist Angela Scalisi, they were immersed in the program; helping the participants with art projects and interacting with them socially. This pilot program will be offered next semester to juniors, and will be expanded next school year with the new schedule for both upper level Art and Photo students.  

Program director Gwynne Chovanec and Art Therapist Angela Scalisi recently came to Maine East to debrief with the students and have asked them to return December 8 with their teacher Magdalene Eisenberg to visit with the participants again. Students have shared written and conversational reflections that have displayed a significant impact their experiences have had on their vision of themselves and their futures as well as their understanding of people with dementia.

We are honored to have two guests artists from “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band in Washington DC join the Maine East Band and Orchestra for rehearsals this week, as well as the Winter Concert Sunday at 2 PM. Founded in 1798 by an Act of Congress, the Marine Band is America’s oldest continuously active professional musical organization. In March 1801 the Marine Band performed for Thomas Jefferson’s inauguration. Jefferson, an avid music lover and amateur violinist, is credited with giving the Marine Band the title “The President’s Own.” Since that time, the band has played for every Presidential inaugural. Today, “The Presidents Own” is celebrated for its role at the White House and its dynamic public performances, which total more than 500 annually.  Trumpet soloists Staff Sergeant Brandon Eubank and Gunnery Sergeant Brad Weil have also been discussing with students their work in the Marine Band and the various roles members play in the organization. The performance is scheduled for 2 PM this Sunday, December 3, in the Maine East Auditorium.

Special Education: On November 27th the Educational Life Skills students participated in a Hop on the Bus Workshop here at Maine East.

The Hop on the Bus to Independence Workshops help individuals with disabilities feel safe, comfortable, and confident using public transportation to get to work, go out with friends, and be more independent and involved in their community. It was an interactive and fun lesson.

Pace brought a real bus that became a “classroom” in which students learn all of the features of the bus; including using the ramp and other accessibility features, getting acquainted with the bus driver, knowing when to get off and how to pull the cord, as well as using a Ventra card to pay a fare. Back in the classroom a professional trainer works with students teaching them what they need to know about public transportation, including helpful videos, online resources, and trip planning.

Monday, November 20, 2017


Upcoming Calendar Events:

November 22 - Local Holiday- NO SCHOOL
November 23 - Thanksgiving Day - NO SCHOOL
November 24 - Local Holiday - NO SCHOOL

December 3 - Winter Concert 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
December 8 - Guitar Concert 7:00 PM-9:00 PM
December 20-22 - Semester Finals
December 23-January 8 - Winter Break - NO SCHOOL

Mansi Bodalia - District 207's Best for Community Service

District 207's Best: Mansi is a strong role model who consistently demonstrates a positive outlook on life, and enables all those who come in contact with her to feel at ease. She will undoubtedly be successful in college, and ultimately in whatever career she decides to pursue. She is an outstanding representative of Maine East, her family, and our community at large. We congratulate you for being one of “207’s Best”!

The Maine East Kids Closet is set to open on Monday November 13th, and will be available to students in need every Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30.  Any student who qualifies for the free or reduced lunch program is eligible to receive five free items during the school year.

The ME Kids Closet is stocked with backpacks, coats, jeans, dress pants, dress shirts, tee shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, sweatpants, dresses, trendy tops, scarves, socks, shoes, and more.  Many of these items are brand new.  The complete list of inventory is shown below, and it is located in the basement of Maine East near the School-Based Health Center, Room 035D.  If a student is involved in after school activities and is unable to visit during open hours, he/she may also contact for an appointment before or during school hours.

The creation of the Maine East Kids Closet has truly been a community effort.  If you would like to help support the Maine East Kids Closet…

  • Go to, and search for “Kids Closet Startup.” Add a tax-deductible gift to Mrs. Hughes future projects.  All dollars go to support the Kids Closet purchase of new clothing; you will receive notification from DonorsChoose indicating what your gift dollars helped to purchase.

  • Donate your gently-used, teen-friendly clothing.  Simply drop off your used goods to Maine East or contact for more information.

Social Science: Maine Historical Society held its annual Pumpkin Carving Contest on October 31st.  Thirty pumpkins were entered into the contest and they represented all areas of Social Sciences.  As always, there were many visitors throughout the day who admired the historic touch to these special pumpkins.

And the winners are...

Fine Arts: On Saturday, November 11th, Mr. Phil Ash and his students participated in the inaugural Student Silent Film Festival which was hosted at the Sanfilippo Estate in Barrington. Twelve schools in the Chicago and Wisconsin area were selected to participate in the festival which screened original student  films.  All entries were screened and featured original piano compositions, and the three winning entries were re-screened with accompaniment from the organ. 

Maine East's submission was a film called "When I'm with You," starring Myrrh Gobenciong and Cecylia Selwocki. It was produced and directed by Kacper Cebula, Danny Tenezaca, Suzan Georges, Emma Diez, Margot Mattenson, Lloyd Trinidad, Ana Iliopoulous, and Paolo Yanga.

Participants were also allowed to tour the 40,000 square foot estate; which houses a world renowned collection of restored music machines, phonographs, and arcade machines, as well as a spectacular European salon carousel. The silent theater in the private residence of the Sanfilippo Estate houses the world's largest silent theater organ, featuring 8000 individual organ pipes. It was truly a memorable evening for our students.

ME Cares Auction for Hurricane Harvey

About Our Auction
This year we have been raising awareness and financial support for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. So far this school year, a dedicated group of student volunteers have been planning a wide variety of fundraising events to support those in need. We have set a huge goal to raise $10,000 to support this valuable cause. We are about halfway there. With your support of this auction, our club hopes to get even close to reaching our goal!
Please join us December 2-10 on 32Auctions to raise funds for Hurricane Harvey Relief. Great Holiday gifts available, so please check the Auction Website, or use the QR code below, to see the wonderful and unique items you can bid on. We are still taking donations, so it's never to late to help us reach our goal!

Inline image 1

myOn Reading Challenge: On November 15th, fifteen students were awarded certificates and gift cards for completing the Maine East myON Scary Story Challenge.  To date, Maine East students have read more than 850 hours independently on myON.  The goal is for students to read at least 20 minutes per day.  

The next challenge is to complete 10 hours of independent reading before December 15th.  Those who do will be rewarded with a special lunch.  

If you need login and/or password assistance or have questions about myON, please contact Ms. Mecca Sadler at

From Left To Right:  Andjelija Protic, Mariam Sawa, Shane Paz, Aurniella Daniel, Dr. Mike Pressler, Juan Martinez, Zakharia Babu, Alexander Arriaga Ortega, Abdulla Bajraktari, James Youssef, Nicholas Solano

Not Pictured:  Daniel Tinoco, Jude Jimmychan, Merin Biju, Parthkumar Rana, Sagarkumar Patel

The Dean's Corner: Parents and students, if students want to park on the Maine East campus during the regular school day, they must have a Maine East Parking Permit. If you park on campus during the school day without a parking permit sticker, you will be ticketed by the Park Ridge Police Department. The parking ticket is $75. The Maine East Parking Permit is now $90, so please be sure to get a permit for your car. Applications are available in the Dean's Office.

Monday, October 30, 2017


Upcoming Calendar Events:

November 2 - V-Show Matinee 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (see flyer below)
November 3 & 4 - V-Show 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
November 5 - Daylight Savings Time Ends (turn clocks back 1 hour)
November 7 - Teacher Institute Day - NO SCHOOL
November 22 - Local Holiday- NO SCHOOL
November 23 - Thanksgiving Day - NO SCHOOL
November 24 - Local Holiday - NO SCHOOL

School News:

The PE Department Rocks! Kudos to the PE Department who did an AMAZING job turning this year's Rock-n-Run into a charity fundraiser with ME Cares. For those of you who have not heard, they earned almost $4000 in student contributions. Combed earnings this week with ME Cares' other fundraising efforts this year, we have already surpassed last year's $6500 total! 
I believe this is a throw down challenge to the other departments! 

2017 Rock-N-Run

Fine Arts: The Debate team had a very successful tournament this past weekend at the Niles North Viking Rumble.

In the Novice Division, Freshmen Bella Piekut and Nicole Piekut won the tournament, going undefeated and finishing in 1st place. Additionally, Nicole Piekut was awarded 4th Place Speaker & Bella Piekut was awarded 3rd Place Speaker in the Novice Division. Sophomore Parth Shah was awarded second place speaker in the JV division.

Way to go Debate Team!

Each year the Illinois Music Education Association (IMEA) hosts regional and state music festivals for outstanding students in Illinois.  This year, Maine East has six outstanding students who have been chosen by audition to participate in the regional music festival hosted at Glenbrook North High School on Saturday, November 11th.

IMEA District 7 Honor Musical Ensembles

Rachel Vaidya, bass clarinet

Von Vic Cayas, bass 1

Kevin OpeƱa. bassoon
Sarah Choi, percussion
Monica Stefaniak, violin
Oliver Talukder, oboe & English horn

Science: This year the science department is going to be generating four quarterly newsletters to keep everyone up to date on the latest science happenings.  In this edition, you can find information on placement for next years science course(s), Next Generation Science Standards implementation, the Oaktober Blitz, and the Exemplary Student Research Program at Argonne.  Please enjoy the first quarter edition of our Maine East Science Newsletter.

Social Science: On Thursday, October 19, nine alumni of Maine East returned to talk with students about their public service work in the areas of politics or economic development. The participants were:

Melissa Bean, '79; Hussain Bhanpuri, '00; Rachael Chaiken, '00; Trisha Chokshi, '03; Agostino Filippone, '03; David Hiller, '71; Ameya Pawar, '99; Keith Sokolowski, '14; Sam Yanover, '99.

Each of these distinguished alums has engaged civicly in the Chicago area.  Mr. Pawar is an Alderman in Chicago.  Ms. Bean was elected to the House of Representatives.  Ms. Chaiken works as a scheduler on Senator Dick Durbin's staff.  Mr. Yanover worked for the White House as an advance planner.  Mr. Bhanpuri works towards economic development in lower income areas of Chicago.  Mr. Hiller leads the McCormick Foundation, one of the largest supporters of education in the Chicago area.  Ms. Chokshi and Mr. Filippone work for the legal rights of immigrants.  Mr. Sokolowski works on organizing a gubernatorial campaign in the Maine Township area.

On October 19, they talked with Government and Economics classes about their careers and their work.  They gave advice to students who want to get politically involved, and offered volunteer and internship possibilities.  They also met with smaller groups of students to offer insight in how to connect with opportunities in public service.  The alumni also interacted with each other and discovered the incredible network of Maine East Blue Demons who are working in our political and economic spheres.

Pictured L-R: 
1) Ameya Pawar & Trisha Chokshi 2) Government ESL Class 3) David Hiller and Rachael Chaiken 
4) Sam Yanover 5) Hussain Bhanpuri, Keith Sokolowski & Agostino Filippone 6) Melissa Bean, Trisha Chokshi & Ameya Pawar

Dean's Corner: It is very important for parents and students to familiarize themselves with the Student Code of Conduct which is posted on our website, and is also in the Student Handbook.  Please be aware of items that cannot be brought to school which may be considered illegal and a violation of the Student Code of Conduct - such as, vapes, tobacco products, weapons such as knives, tasers, mace, etc. Our goal is to provide a safe educational environment for all students and staff, so it is important to have a conversation with your student to ensure they do not bring items which may result in fines, arrests, suspensions and/or expulsion from school. Please feel free to contact the Deans Office at (847) 692- 8327 if you have questions, or wish to clarify the policy.